METAL AM: Cybersecurity in Additive Manufacturing: Securing the industry’s future


Assembrix, based in Israel, has developed a ‘virtual manufacturing’ platform that enables machine operators to control and monitor AM build
activity remotely. The cloud-based platform enables a simpler, more efficient, and more secure production process by overseeing the
entire AM digital thread, from the initial part model to the verified physical part and beyond. The platform enables multiple in-house
users or external clients to monitor, allocate and manage their entire manufacturing space, thereby optimising the utilisation of all
Additive Manufacturing resources. The backbone of this solution is a secure data environment. This is made possible through the utilisation of blockchain and encryption technologies. Assembrix’s approach to implementing this secure environment is to partner with AM machine manufacturers by connecting their machines to the Assembrix platform and providing its customers with full management and control over
their operation within a secured and networked system. By collaborating with AM machine manufacturers, Assembrix’s solution can communicate with these machines at a deep machine level, in a secure way. In May 2023, Assembrix announced a partnership with Nikon
SLM Solutions whereby the Assembrix platform was integrated into Nikon SLM Solutions machines. This integration facilitates built-in remote
manufacturing possibilities. For example, an operator at a central location can operate and monitor AM systems located remotely. Earlier, in 2021, Assembrix partnered with Boeing, EOS, 3T Additive Manufacturing, and BEAMIT, and successfully demonstrated secure cross-continent, distributed Additive Manufacturing. The demonstration showed how a controlled build job was remotely and directly connected to EOS AM machines.

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